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Welcome To Your Friendly One Stop LP Gas Supplier.

We are Authorised LP Gas distributors

Why LP Gas

LPG or LP Gas - Liquefied Petroleum Gas has many
positive advantages when used.

  • Gives you an instant cooking flame.

  • Is easy and instantaneous to light.

  • Is easy to control.  The blue flame is visible and its size is easily controlled

  • over a wide range so that the required rate of heating can be obtained.


To Order Your LP Gas

We exchange all major brand cylinders.

  • Is non-poisonous and safe to use.

  • Burns cleanly and does not produce any soot, smoke or smell during combustion, therefore leaving your kitchen clean.

  • Is pure, and very consistent in quality.

  • Adds to your comfort because cooking is quick and the kitchen does not get heated as with other fuels like wood or charcoal.

  • Is readily available. Your Local LPG Totalgaz distributor delivers a refill cylinder at your home.

  • Is compatible with many different appliances and easy to maintain. Totalgaz will give technical or service-related advice for any LPG installation.

  • Is used in many different sectors, i.e. domestic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural.

We cover the entire Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands & Central Drakensberg Regions.
Your LP Gas delivery is just a phone call away.









*We do refills of camping cylinders.


Our Services

We supply LP Gas for Commercial, agricultural and Home use.

We offer excellent service and on time deliveries, you never run out of Gas.


About Us

The Leading LP Gas Supplier in the Midlands
Midlands Gas is an industry leading LP Gas Supplier. We provide quality products at
competitive market rates. Midlands Gas was founded by Arshad Sarang and has been
based in Rosetta. Want to find out more? Get in touch with one of our experts for
information about our products, deliveries, and payment options.

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